At KAM Property Maintenance we supply quality roofing repairs, installations and maintenance, both to residential homes and commercial offices or retail outlets. All our roofers are highly skilled and experienced in flat-roofing, tile, slate and lead work so you can be assured that our expertise in this area will provide you with confidence in the construction of your roof quickly and efficiently while providing you a a comprehensive plan, quote and fix at a competitive rate.

Our full range of residential and commercial roofing services include:

  • Roof inspections and reports
  • Lead work
  • Tiling and roof repairs
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Fascia and Soffits
  • New roofs and re-roofing
  •  Guttering
  • Emergency Call-Out
  • Built up felt flat roofs
  • Insulation Installation
  • Radiator & values
  • Repairs
  • Slating
  • Chimney repairs and pointing
  • Stone Masonry
  • General Maintenance

Replacing your roofing

Whilst replacing your roof may not be the most exciting part of a home restoration, it is certainly a very necessary part of the process. You might also need to replace a very old roof or one which is irrepairable. Not sure whether your roof needs replacing? Here are some things to consider:

  • How Old Is Your Roof?

    The average roof will last for around 15 years, depending on what it is made from and how well maintained it is. Once your roof starts to approach the 15 year mark, keep your eyes peeled for leaks or torn flashings, if this becomes a regular occurrence, your roof could well need replacing.
  • Are There Large Patches Of Missing Or Torn Shingles Or Tiles?

    If the areas of missing tiles are quite significant, perhaps with the use of another material may be a better option than extensive repairs.
  • Do The Interior Walls Which Are Connected To The Roof Have Moisture Marks Or Peeling Paint?

    Once your items have been tested, we will advise you on any Pass/Failures, all your items will be detailed in a register that have undergone the relevant tests as well as providing an Asset Register and Certificate of Conformance.
  • Recent Severe Weather?

    If your home has undergone the affects of extreme weather, which have exposed any part of your roof, it may need replacing.

You should consider replacing your roof as soon as possible after detecting damage. If you are building a new home, or renovating an old one it should be your number one priority, as without a roof all the other work you do to the house could be damaged. Whether you’re painting or installing a new wall, you need to make sure your home is watertight first.

  • Can I Only Replace My Roof In The Summer?

    KAM Property Maintenance roofers are very adaptable and can replace roofs throughout the year. That said, patches of dry weather will be required, as any partially installed areas of the roof must be bone dry before any further covering layers are installed.
  • What Is Involved In The Roofing Process?

    The roof should take around three or four days to be installed, if done professionally. The process involves the following steps:

    • All existing shingles or tiles must be removed.
    • Minor repairs on the roof should be made. If the damage is too big then the bad timber will be removed and replaced.
    • You can have ice dam protection installed, which is a barrier that will prevent ice build up in the gutters, which will then melt and seep into your home.
    • Asphalt paper will then be laid.
    • The shingles or tiles will then be added, starting at the eaves and gradually the roofers will work their way up.
    • Flashing will be applied around all potential leak areas (chimney etc). A ridge vent must then be installed.
  • How Much Will Replacing My Roof Cost?

    The cost of replacement depends on the size of your roof and the material you choose to use. If you use cheap asphalt shingles for example, the overall job will obviously cost less than if you choose to use stone slate tiles.

Choosing the roof which is right for you:

Depending on your preference, type of house, area you live in or just by using the advise of one of our highly skilled roofers, there are a number of different roofs you can have:

  •  Asphalt
  • Concrete
  • Fibreglass
  •  EPDM
  • Felt
  • Flat
  •  GRP Flat
  • Metal
  • Zinc